Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Research Paper

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As of right now, I do not have any children, but in my term of life, I would absolutely love to have kids. I feel like Maslow's hierarchy of needs perfectly coincides with the needs of children. The first and most basic need in Maslow's hierarchy are physiological needs. Examples of physiological needs include the necessity to satisfy hunger, thirst, and fatigue. Food, water, and sleep are the uttermost important thing kids, or just humans in general need to survive. On the next level of the hierarchy are safety needs. Kids definitely need safety in their lives. They need to know that their parents or guardians are keeping them out of danger and in a secure environment. I completely agree with the decision Maslow made to make this the second…show more content…
Children need to know that they are appreciated and that they can do great things. When I am a parent, I will support and approve of my child no matter what hobbies they decide that suits and interests them. The highest need on Maslow's hierarchy is self-actualization. In terms of parenting, I am not sure if parents ever feel like they have reached their full potential in parenting. In general, parents always want to do more for their children, no matter how much they already do for their kids. I feel like that is the beauty of parenting, knowing that a parent will never stop trying to show how much they care for their children. To my goal of eventually being a parent, I believe that Maslow's hierarchy of needs goes along perfectly with parenting. However, I do not believe that this hierarchy is right for every goal. For example, someone could meet their full potential by climbing Mt. Everest, which is a dangerous activity to pursue. This person skipped the need of safety and still completed their esteem needs and reached self-actualization for a brief period. I personally feel like Maslow's hierarchy works best in terms of relations with
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