Mcdonald 's Successful Fast Food Chain

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McDonald’s was founded in 1948 after Dick and Mac McDonald shut down the Bar-B-Que restaurant. Three months after shutting it down in December it reopens as a self-service drive in restaurant known as McDonald’s. In 1961 Ray Kroc purchases the interests of the McDonald brothers along with the rights to the McDonald’s name for $2.7 million. McDonald’s had continued to grow from a small restaurant in California into the world’s most recognized fast food chain. McDonald’s operates in over 119 countries with more than 30,000 restaurants. For right around 60 years, McDonald’s has defined the fast food industry while etching its golden arch logos, Ronald McDonalds, and the big mac sandwich. Millions of people have worked at McDonald’s as their very first job. McDonald’s introduced us to concepts like drive-thru window and the Happy Meal for kids allowing them to provide fast, affordable, dining while on the go.
As you can see McDonald’s brand is the most well-known internationally fast food chain. It’s “Golden Arches” are understood in almost any language. It has the fast food marked cornered, offering an increasing variety of food and beverages. They market to people of all ages that they can eat their any time of the day. The nutrition concepts vary around the world, some are nearly universal. The company as a whole is striving to find new ways to strengthen the nutritional profile of the menu while trying to maintain the great taste customers expect. There have been many

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