Measuring The Volume And Mass Of A Cylinder, A Sphere And A Wooden Block Essay

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Objective This experiment will involve measuring the volume and mass of a cylinder, a sphere and a wooden block. Based on the mass and volumes of these objects, the density of these objects can be calculated. The equation for the density of an object is density =mass/volume. In the density equation there is a direct proportional relationship between the mass of an object and its volume. For instance, if an object has its mass decreased, its volume will also decrease. The experiment used a Vernier caliper to measure the height and the diameter of a cylinder. A Vernier caliper was also used to measure the diameter of the sphere. A meter stick was used to measure the length, width, and height of the wooden block. The precision of an instrument such as a Vernier caliper or a meter stick determines how many significant figures the data is presented in. The mass of the objects being tested will be measured using an electronic balance. The equations used in this experiment to determine the volumes were the volume of the cylinder: πr2h; volume of the block: (length)*(width)*(height); and the volume of the sphere: (4π/3) (r3). The volumes of these objects will be divided by their respective masses to determine the density of each object. The final part of the experiment will involve using a micrometer caliper to estimate how many pages are present in the physics lab manual. Accuracy in this experiment will be seen when the calculated density of the various objects in

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