Milestones And Importance Of Child Development

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The early stage of a child’s life is significant to them. It will influence the child’s personality, behaviour, attitude, and trait in the future. They either be an ethical person or an unethical person in their future life. Child development is a process that every child will go through. The child will learn and master the skill like sitting, walking, talking, skipping, and tying shoes. The child will then learn these skills within a period which called as development milestones. The child develops their skills in five areas includes cognitive development, social and emotional development, speech and language development, fine motor skill development, and gross motor skill development. The development milestones are a skill that a child acquires within a specific time frame.

This skill can build or learn from teacher, parents and family members. They are the educator, role model for a child. The behaviour or attitude of a child will reveal the education that given to them. It will have a good impact on the child if the educators are playing their role very well. On the contrary, if they didn't play their role …show more content…

Cheating occurred as the teachers, parents, siblings, fails to motivate the cheater to learn. They see no point to learning as they think that learning is boring, stress, and useless for their future. Moreover, the teacher fails to obtain the attention from the students which lead them to lose interest in learning. The teacher should put an effort in motivating them to pay attention during the class. The advancement of technology makes people lazy to do their work by themselves. As a result, the will copy the pre-written assignment as their own work. Furthermore, the pressure from parents makes them engage in cheating. As a human being, we shouldn't involve in any unethical act. Cheating will become a habit. Once they do, they will do it forever. The cheating habit will follow them throughout their

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