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Honestly, I never really got into this book and I thought it was pretty pointless overall. It was in no way interesting, hard, or thought provoking. It really made me realize how I’m in 8 grade and I'm not a little kid anymore. Also, reading this book along with “Mindset”, I really started to realize how I took the easy way out by not reading a real classic. “Crossed” had a Lexile of around 650, whereas my Lexile is around 1,200. Right about now I'm really regretting my decision to read this book because I didn't have to stop and think about anything Next quarter I’m definitely going to read a more challenging, thoughtful book. Since this book has such an easy Lexile, there wasn’t a big message in the story. It was mostly just written to entertain …show more content…

Throughout the whole book, Cassia constantly stated her interest in the Rising. Every time she would mention it, Ky would say how much he hated it and he and Cassia would get in an argument. That’s why I was really surprised when he joined the Rising especially since he had to run the entire way there, while Cassia and Indie got to canoe. This is significant because Ky hated the Rising with all of his heart because it’s the reason his parents were killed, but despite his hate for it, he joined it anyway to be with Cassia. Getting this message from the book was pretty self- explanatory because in the first book they had no disagreements, so their relationship was perfect. When their journey through the Carving came to the point where they had to start thinking about if they were going to join the Rising or the Farmers and they both wanted to go to different destinations, their relationship became full of bickering. In the end, though, they loved each other so much that Ky gave up his hate for the Rising to join it. This shows that if you love somebody enough that no matter what it is you can learn to

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