Mindtree's Approach to Knowledge Management

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Case Assignment for MindTree
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Q1.What are the key elements of MindTree’s approach to knowledge management? How effective are they?
A: The key elements of MindTree’s Approach to KM includes:
1. The way MindTree foster and build social interactions within the company. From MindTree’s value system (CLASS), the administrators have realized that employees are social creatures that wish to build and grow. Thus, they allow employees to self-organize into communities that focus upon a particular topic or aspect of the company.
2. The model in which communities are viewed or categorized in terms of their impact to MindTree. This allows the CKO to look at the knowledge community landscape from a distance, and identify
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Q2.How does MindTree create, develop, and sustain communities of practice? What role do they play at the company?
MindTree is typical regarded as the “community of communities” showing that communities of practice play a very important role in the organization. It boasts of about 55 communities of which about 75% of their workforces are participating members. Communities are self-selected but carefully managed by the CKO. Community leaders are known as Champions and they are self-selected. Each community has multiple champions. However, potential Champions were required to attend a screening workshop. The community is free to meet within the allotted times given and are not scrutinized like a department or other business entity.
Communities engaged in activities such as discussion panels while covering a wide range of technical, non-technical, and role-based areas. Meetings are organized to provide members with an opportunity to interact in a face-to-face manner, aiding an avenue for brainstorming. Members who participate in these communities benefit from the exposure to market research data and customer feedback.
Given the importance of communities of practice in MindTree, a 3 level community maturity model was created to establish and stimulate the impact and influence of communities in the organization. The first level, a community of interest whose sole purpose was sharing is not supported because
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