Mistine: Business Strategy

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Since the case was published, Mistine has continued to work with other countries to ensure that their products are safe. Their website and YouTube video bouts their long list of certifications and awards for safety. Mistine is still looking to progress worldwide. They offer new partnership in many portions of their website and mention it several times in their online video. Mistine has also since built a 1,500 million baht distribution center in preparation of international consumers. Per the Mistine website, they were ranked 13th or the direct selling companies worldwide, so they have gained ground internationally since this case was published. Per the case, Mistine markets its products to Asian women and identifies itself as an Asian…show more content…
This can be seen in Mistine’s commercials glorifying fun images and beautiful women that look interesting. Also, Mistine’s main consumer group are house wives that may only be able to show themselves off when they go out and professional women that may want to have fun when they are not working. As Romaniuk, Beal, V, and Uncles (2013) mention that certain types of people are able to be reached through certain media types and different kinds of advertisement. It is imperative for Mistine to adapt their marketing to each of the users. As the case mentioned, they have successfully done so with their commercials with Thai celebrities focusing on certain aspects like working women or teenagers. Mistine is in a unique role where they are breaking the mold for advertisements with these segments. If Mistine can continue to capture the VALS consumer profiles correctly, they will be able to successfully target their customers. However, Mistine will have to be careful because of the fact that they have traditionally targeted only certain ethnic groups. Their profiles may be different than the Western cultures. I would recommend that Mistine continues to broaden the scope past direct marketing. They have already branched out by advertising instead of only relying on word of mouth, which has traditionally worked. However, I would caution those in Mistine to be wise with their advertisement. As Neff

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