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Synopsis of Minnesota State Laws in Reference to the Case of Sherry Sarah Penheiter Capella University Abstract The case of Sherry requires a review and analysis of Minnesota laws regarding mandatory reporting, drug offenses, and child neglect. Based on the synthesis of information from several statutes the author asserts that the case does require a report be filed with state child welfare agencies. Determining responsibility to report under the law is a complex action that requires the analysis of several different sections of relevant law. Not only must the laws regarding mandatory reporting be analyzed, the specific nuances of this case must be examined. Specifically, I will need to address three separate issues.…show more content…
As previously noted, any amount of marijuana is considered a controlled substance. Since Sherry has admitted that she is using marijuana while her child is in the home it can be assumed that she is in possession of the marijuana with her child present even if she is not selling marijuana when her child is present. After reviewing the relevant laws, it would appear that as a LPCC I would be bound by mandatory reporting laws. While Sherry’s drug use may not be endangering her child or constitute neglect, the fact that she has been in possession of an illegal substance while caring for her child would necessitate a report be made to child welfare agencies. References Definition; Practicing Healing and Practice of Healing, 2011 Min. Stat. § 146.01 (2011). Retrieved from Neglect of Endangerment of a Child, 2011 Min. Stat. § 609.378 (2011). Retrieved from Presentation to Public, 2011 Min. Stat. § 148.96 (2011). Retrieved from Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors, 2011 Min. Stat. §626.556 (2011). Retrieved from Schedules of Controlled Substances, 2011 Min. Stat. § 152.02 (2011). Retrieved from
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