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Discuss the key challenges and marketing issues Andrea Torres must address at this time. Why do you feel these issues and challenges are key to the success of the new product line?

Andrea Torres should concentrate on marketing issues that is positioning, size, and packaging. The quality of the product which indicated health benefits as a potential strong basis for positioning over state. Perception consumers should have of Montreaux chocolate USA versus its primary competitors. Credibility issues because of the brand name. Some consumers preferred the smaller squares for portion control while others preferred 3.5 …show more content…

it has given diagnostic information generated by research found the 5ounce stand up pouch with healthy positioning to offer the greatest revenue potential that is confirming the results of the focus group testing that found consumers respond very favorably to healthy messaging with the small pieces aiding in the healthiness perception.3.5 ounce bar with taste messaging was able to encourage consumers to expect to buy more often due its smaller

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