Motivation And Performance 2. Deborah Leupold. Bus 610:

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Motivation and Performance 2
Deborah Leupold
Bus 610: Organizational Behavior
Instructor: Martin McDermott
January 7, 2017

Motivation issues in the work place are not always representative of the work environment itself. In some cases, external factors not related to the work environment are the primary reason that so many workers are incapable of performing to the best of their ability. People tend to underestimate the importance of external factors and overestimate the importance of internal factors as influences on those behaviors” (Baack, 2012). Through the exploration of how financial problems can affect motivation in employees and how the motivation of these employees can be boosted, a better understanding of performance …show more content…

With mortgage rates and rent continuously rising, keeping up with mortgage or rent payments and affording common expenses has become difficult. If employees are continuously worried about being unable to keep up with mortgage or rent payments their motivation may decrease on the job. And if meeting basic financial responsibilities for their family is difficult, they may not be as motivated as they would be if everything was easy. Even basic responsibilities can have a drastic effect on motivation. If an employee is always worried about meeting the basic expectations for food, water and shelter, their motivation may suffer greatly.
If an employee has an addiction, such as gambling, drinking, or shopping, they are spending money from the household and they may find themselves in deep trouble. These types of things can add pressure to the employee and they may not perform to the best of their ability and motivation may suffer. The employee must feel their best or they must be able to hide their feelings of despair for their motivation to be stable. If these types of external factors can affect the employee’s motivation and work performance, they could also cause the supervisor to notice. And if the supervisor notices the decrease in motivation and work performance, they may be written up or worse yet, fired.
In some cases, due to poor prior planning, employees may be quickly approaching retirement but without enough money set aside

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