Moving Towards Motivation. School. Once A Word Meaning

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Moving Towards Motivation School. Once a word meaning a place of learning and academic achievement, the word has since devolved to be representative of a place about as enjoyable as a prison. Although schools claim to be preparing the younger generation for the future, actual students tell a completely different story. Even in schools that supposedly excel academically, students remain highly unmotivated, often claiming they take classes due to reasons such as “my parents made me” or “it looks good on my college application.” Schools nationwide try to combat this problem using a combination of techniques. Ranging from honor codes to metal detectors, schools attempt to recreate the atmosphere of learning that has seemingly been lost upon …show more content…

Students often do not see patrols as safety regulators, but rather as harsh enforcers who are bent on getting students into trouble. As Malcolm Gladwell, an author who writes about psychology put it, “Arousal leaves us mind-blind” (Gladwell 229 ). Most students instinctively feel they are being watched when confronting a patrol. If asked to give a reason why patrols are established, students might reply that the teachers are there under good intentions, but in the moment, they are temporarily blinded. This contributes to an unhealthy environment as students fear and resent teachers more than they respect them, causing a general environment that is not only unsafe but also unfavorable to learning. The use of school uniforms, while controversial, can create an overall sense of unity that contributes to the learning environment. As of now, uniforms have been gotten rid of in most schools in favor of clothing that embodies freedom of speech and expression. However, the use of school uniforms can be beneficial to learning. School uniforms were created to promote a sense of unity and provide benefits beyond just looking pretty. According to a study by the University of Houston, schools “found improvements in academics, attendance, and behavior” after they adopted uniforms (qtd. In “School Uniforms”). While correlation does not always imply causation, in this case there is a valid reason. The nature of school uniforms can be

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