My Experience : My Personal Experience In High School

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Over the four years of high school, there is a lot I learned whether its academics or relationship with others. An essential lesson I learned was the importance of friendship. The first day of 9th grade that I vividly remember when we entered the high school block at my previous school “Bradenton Prep Academy” in Dubai UAE. My friends and I were excited that we were part of the “older kids” which meant we got respect from the middle school and that we got some sense of respect from our fellow students. I remember that we were informed in the last days of eighth grade that there were going to be three ninth-grade classes and who was going to be in each class was going to be announced the day before school starts. I remember me and my …show more content…

I was thankful that I was in an environment that I can grow academically and had a friendship that will last me years. One of my friends “ Yonny” had a try out for our school team that if we won he would get four years scholarship to play basketball in China. We have heard him talk about it like forever and that very day of his try out he was stuck in traffic and we all had to cover for him. I was doing the introductions of our players as part of student council committee and remember saying nonsense just to buy time and everyone was trying to talk a lot so we can buy time till he came. Like, let me remind you that our players were in different grades going from 5th grade to 12th grade. Like how we all worked together to make sure he doesn’t lose this opportunity showed me that friendship can happen outside of our class. That day I became very close with the 9th graders at that time and till this day I’m closer to than my own family. We made sure that no one felt left out and to make everyone feel welcomed. Which we did an excellent job in. Yonny made it on time and won the four-year scholarship and is currently playing basketball in China. 10th grade was even better than 9th grade and I honestly had so much fun. I joined various clubs such as chess, basketball, journalism, speech and debate, and more. I tried to as many things as possible and was staying in school from 7 in the morning till 7 at night. I just loved

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