My Grandfather By My Grandmother

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By my mom and two of her sisters, my grandfather is called dad, but my Aunt Marcia addresses him as Jack Bronder. My maternal grandfather passed away before I was born, but that is not to say his life does not hold a standing presence in my family today, especially for my Aunt Marcia. The man that I imagine as my grandfather is created only by stories passed down to me, but the story that stands out to me the most is the one told by my Aunt Marcia. Marcia Warren is my mother’s oldest sister, and she is the oldest of four girls in her family. She grew up in Brookline, Pennsylvania and went to Brashear High School, where she met her husband Clyde. For secondary education, she studied psychology at Chatham University, and received her masters at The University of Pittsburgh in clinical social work. She currently works in private practice as a Psycho Therapist. Marcia is the type of person one goes to when they having a problem or going through a tough time. Her calming voice and gentle tone allows people to feel comfortable around her. When prompted with the question of why she chose this profession she said, “I have always been interested in human behavior.” Human behavior has played a large role in my aunt’s life, particularly the behavior of her father. This relationship and display of behavior plays a major role in who she is today. An important fact in the story of Marcia is that she is a married to an African American man. His name is Clyde Warren. They met in high

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