My Original Teaching Philosophy Statement

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I honestly would not make any changes to my original teaching philosophy statement because I believe that after reading through the entire phycology book, the things I read only supported the things I stated in my philosophy statement. When writing my philosophy statement I had not taken any previous education classes to aid my original teaching philosophy but I have been working with kids my entire life and so I have seen first hand what things work with children and what does not. This does not by any means mean that I know everything and have all the answers to teaching, it simply means I have had a little bit of a head start with working with kids. You learn my trying something out, analyzing if it worked, the reflecting on that and changing it. Even before taking this class and reading that in the text I was already practicing this when I was the Sunday school teacher for 2-3 year olds at my dads church. Another thing that gave me ideas on my teaching philosophy statement was by being in a class and have an amazing teacher, or a not so amazing teacher. Even without the knowledge I acquired in this chorus I was able to see the things my teacher did in a class and reflect on if, for me as a student, they were helpful. These two reasons are why I believe my reasoning behind teacher philosophy statement is sound.
An example of something that I wrote in my original statement that was later backed up by the book was when I stated that every child is unique and therefore each

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