My Passion For Geology

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My wanderlust has brought me to venture to multitude of places throughout my life so far. Having visited the Swiss Alps, Mount Seorak in South Korea and even Mount Kinabalu from back home, had always left me with an impression of how awe-inspiring Mother Nature is. Other than that, I have also ventured into numerous caves such as Gua Tempurung and Gua Niah; it was while venturing the latter was where I realized my passion for Geology. It was my first ever experience caving and I remembered turning off my flashlight and imagining how people – actual, ancient, living – people occupying these caves. I remembered only hearing the faint sounds water dripping from the stalagmites and the echo of footsteps from afar. For this reason, I realized my love for nature and I would be glad to spend the rest of my life to preserve these sites for generations to come
As a child, I had always pondered on how humans were able to survive life without electricity, without tap water or houses. These questions had always intrigued me; and it was by studying Science that I found the answers. As a result, I would spent a huge portion of my childhood reading books on the …show more content…

Consequently, this led me to actively participate in my school beach cleaning programs and I saw how important the sea near my hometown was important to the locals. I hope I could implement my knowledge in preserving the ecology of corals near my hometown as I realized how the ‘jobs’ which was important to my hometown, was detrimental to the corals there. This damage was also prominent in the corals in Sabah which I visited during my last holiday. As much as it pains me to see these ecosystems falls into disarray, I do realise how much the locals depended on these sites as their source of income. By studying Geology, I wish to help my country especially the states in the island of Borneo to better manage the ecosystem in order for future generations to

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