My Personal Statement Of Basic Electrical Engineering

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“The knowledge grows exponentially. The more we know the greater our ability to learn and the faster we expand our knowledge base.” This statement by great Novelist Dan Brown characterizes my belief. Ever since I was a child I was always fascinated by Science and my interests drove me towards becoming an Engineer. As I grew up I always made it a point that I learn something new from wherever possible.
My father, right from the start of his career, has been working in Electrical Engineering and maintenance based companies. He always used to come up with some photographs of huge transformers or generators which really fascinated me in my childhood. Those photographs and his experiences were the reasons why I selected Electrical Engineering as my B.Tech course.
On my first day of Engineering life, the lecture of Basic Electrical Engineering was something that generated keen interest in my heart about this core field. Electrical being mother of different branches of Engineering I could learn even Electronics and Programming based subjects parallel to our field. I have always been fully focused in learning my subjects and completing assignments and all of that …show more content…

My internship coincided with the maintenance period of unit 8 of the thermal power plant so the guide engineer literally explained us the power plant in detail and I got opportunity to see the plant inside out. I was really amazed to see all the elements of power system, their testing and also I was present during synchronization of unit 8 with grid. I still remember on the last day of my internship our Guide Engineer S. Arun said “Electrical is a very huge field and so is this power plant. My job is tough but I love my job.” It was an amazing experience for me. I had to travel almost 3 hours in trains full of rush by changing 2 trains to reach there from my home but my excitement made 3 hours look very

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