My Philosophy Of Teaching And Learning Programs Essay

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My philosophy of teaching involves creating an environment that promotes student well being by welcoming open collaboration and participation, setting high expectations and developing positive, safe and respectful relationships with all members of the class.(Vrankovic, M, 2016). My learning philosophy is derived from the constructivist philosophy whereby students are active participants in their learning in order to be able to transfer information into new situations to promote deeper levels of understanding which caters for the diversity of each child. My philosophy of teaching aligns with Inquiry learning where a child’s natural inquisitive mind is nurtured through active learning experiences which are both child lead and adult lead and involve open communication, questioning, feedback, observation and listening (Murdoch, 2014). The inquiry learning models of Murdoch, 5Es and SAUCE will be analysed for their effectiveness in integrating the curriculum. The integration of teaching and learning programs within the context of inquiry learning, are a key components in reaching ACARAS outcomes of general capabilities, cross curricular priorities, student diversity and Framework for school aged care.. In inquiry learning the teacher acts as a facilitator of learning by guiding students to pose and respond to real life questions which integrate into the curriculum (Nayler, 2014). Inquiry learning in the context of integrated programming is important to meet the needs of students
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