My Thoughts On My Life

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Morgan, I 've been thinking about it, and there are some things I feel that I have to say. Firstly, I am high, very high, in fact, but this is how I have been feeling deep down all day. I know it in the deepest part of my mind, with every neuron in my brain screaming this: I am in love with you so deeply and I think I would go mad with grief if you were ever not a part of my life anymore. When I think about the coy smile you get on your face when you first step off the bus or out of your car to greet me, my heart fills with a warm feeling that spreads throughout my torso, filling me with hope for us. When I think about you freak- out laughing when I say something ridiculous, it fills me with a strong desire to hold you close in my arms. When I think about weekend spent with you without our arms around each other, not kissing each other at every possible chance, not rubbing our cheeks against one another 's, a time when I no longer make you smile like I always have, not making love to each other, it fills me with an emotional pain so excruciating that it causes me to have a tingling feeling in my torso. Morgan, I know the love between us is an amazing force when we make a little eye contact and I feel a jolt of adoration going between us; when I place my arm around your waist, I feel warm lovieness transmitting between us. When we sit on my couch eating popcorn with liquid aminos, I feel it in the very air that we breathe and in popcorny kisses in between. Morgan, nobody

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