My Views On Teaching And Teaching

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I believe knowledge is far more valuable when shared and teaching is significant as it imparts knowledge to others. My teaching experiences in college as a private tutor and in graduate school as a lab instructor have not only helped me to improve my teaching skills, but also have encouraged me to pursue a life-long career in teaching and research. Now that I am equipped with the knowledge of fundamental Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology as well as research experience, I am eager for a teaching opportunity to share what I have learned and to inspire those young and fresh minds so often found in academia. My primary objective as teacher is to persuade my students to learn the fundamentals of the courses, but beyond that, I hope to raise their confidence for critical thinking, develop problem-solving strategies, improve learning skills, and prepare them to function effectively when encountering real world challenges. Practically, I perceive teaching and learning as a closed-loop system where transferring information, evaluating responses, re-adjusting parameters, and obtaining a final output are all cross-linked and equally important. I encouraged and highly valued my students for independent thinking as it is the foundation of problem solving. In my belief, it is the teacher who defines the students’ responsibilities and the overall tone of a class. I would be responsible for providing the basic course knowledge in the form of lectures, reading material, and hands-on
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