Negative Effects Of Technology On Children

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Connor Jones
Mrs. Penny Hartley
October 26, 2017
The Negative Effects of Technology on Children Technology has greatly influenced the way children learn, interact, and how they are entertained. Technology has directly impacted the way children think and feel. It can have both mental and physical effects on the body. There are plenty of positive outcomes with technology, but there are also plenty of negative ones. Technology can effect a person’s physical appearance, personal relationships, the way they think, and their social skills. It also affects the way it is used in the world today.

Technology can lead to long periods of staring at an electronic screen. Children who spend more time online, playing video games, or watching television tend to be far more obese than a child who plays outside during free time. Children who spend more time playing on electronics inside also tend to eat more snacks throughout the day than a child who is playing outside. Excess fat being consumed without exercise can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. Less exposure to face-to-face interactions can lead to emotional problems and bullying in children.

Technology can also affect the relationships between parents and kids. Some parents now a days will hand their child a smart device just to stop the child from crying or pestering. They use technology to stall their child while they perform everyday tasks. In today’s world technology is being used as a type of pacifier

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