New Look Essay

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New Look, which has a flexible, fast-fashion business model, targets the attractive position in the value sector, strives for “top-class” service standard while creates fashionable product ranges. To understand its business model, I will analyze four factors, there are: Multichannel, Suppliers and People, Market Position. 1. Multichannel: New Look is a multichannel and international retailer. The Group’s system includes physical stores, online shopping at, mobile app, 3rd party E-commerce partners and Mim stores. The Group’s objective is to bring the best class service through E-commerce and retail system so that customers can experience the unique brand personality across all channels. • Stores: Realizing UK as its primary market, New Look has nearly half of total owned stores in UK. Located in luxurious streets and shopping centers, the Group wants to locate its stores within easy reach of the majority of the UK population. Although over 5 years, New Look has closed numerous unprofitable stores, from 602 stores to only 576 stores in UK , in overall, the number of stores internationally has increased steadily year on year, from 1018 in 2010 to 1160 in 2014 . Besides, New Look has implemented a new concept refurbishment programme for 245 UK stores in 2014, which uplifted average profitability of 7% . •…show more content…
The Group also has a mobile app for customers on the move. The number of available countries on the website has increased significantly from 24 countries in 2010 to 120 countries in 2014
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