Nike and the Concept of Integrated Marketing Communications

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Nike and the Concept of IMC: The concept of Integrated Marketing Communications is an important factor whose essence is achievement of the need for a holistic approach in the implementation of the tools of marketing communication. The concept can be described as the coordination and integration of every marketing communication tool, source, function, and avenue within an organization into a flawless program that capitalizes the effect of customers and other users at minimal costs. The significance of the concept in the modern business environment is evident in the fact that it has been adopted by many organizations or companies across various fields. For instance, Nike Inc. completely adopts the concept, which incorporates both traditional and new marketing approaches. Since the concept involves coordination and integration of marketing communications, it has a huge impact on an organization's marketing initiatives because it does not treat marketing as separate elements. IMC Framework: Integrated Marketing Communications is an approach that proposes that marketers should consider the customer first in relation to his/her preferences, buying patterns, exposure to the media and other factors. These marketers should then expose the customer to products and/or services that suit the customer's needs through a combination of communication methods that are appealing, credible, and attractive to the customer (Jones, n.d.). The approach of IMC originates from its definition

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