The Food Service Position At Missouri State University ( Msu )

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Before my undergraduate studies, my interest in dietetics began with the culinary side of food, and then grew to a fascination of how nutrition impacts health. This fascination evolved from collecting recipes and looking for peanut allergy alternatives, to transitioning into vegetarianism and experimenting in the kitchen to meet my nutrition needs, and finally watching changes in health impact the nutrition of my parents – my mother after having her gallbladder removed and my father with a diabetes diagnosis. Leading up to and after graduation my interest expanded after taking on several volunteer and work-related roles. At Missouri State University (MSU) this was helping a TRIO supervisor with her questions regarding nutrition and diabetes, and learning transferable skills from tutoring students to reach their academic goals. My current food service position at Lakeland has taught me leadership skills and allowed me to see the full complexity of running a food service establishment. Through the public health internship, I have found my passion in the wellness position at the YMCA for its engagement with the public and having the opportunity to assist them in reaching their wellness goals. All of these experiences have nodded towards my undergraduate goals of gaining experience to expand my career possibilities and match to a dietetic internship.

An example of the leadership skills I have developed at Lakeland, include the opportunity on numerous occasions to train newer
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