Online Marketing

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Business has captured this internet two decades ago. Many companies are playing as third party to connect sellers with buyers. Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, and etcetera are completely dependent on such kind of business. Basically, Internet marketing means marketing all over internet including via emails and wireless media. It includes technical and creative aspects internet, including design, development, advertising, and sales. All of this comes under umbrella of “Virtual World”. Virtual world is now a platform to make profits. There are many companies who are catering to the need of image management on virtual world. “Online Image Consultancy” is recent buzz word in the virtual world for companies/people who want to…show more content…
It also generates website traffic. In addition, side bar ads either connect to the fan page or website link. Facebook is actually earning loads of money due to the side bar ads. Since, Facebook has all the information of customer include name, age, gender, likes and dislikes. Keeping the criteria of customer and target market of companies they connect sellers with buyers in an effective way. Not only this, if a video is actually good and funny or has some message, it actually gets viral on Facebook. Companies try to make such kind of videos to pass on the advertisements so that customers get to know about the product. Also, Facebook tagging and note making is getting popular these days. This means no company is now behind to capture the eyes of customer. In order your products to get popular; you can actually make complete social media marketing campaign to engage customers of your target market. YouTube and Flicker are playing their part on Social Media as well. These are the certain mediums on virtual world which can play vital role in the promotion of your products. These mediums can provide you enough popularity in the market. However, another medium in the market if it suits your product is Podcasting. It is an Internet based technologies have continued to improve and enhance our ability to communicate with one another globally, a transformation of the radio show form of media was destined to occur. The Internet world's form of
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