Online Purchase Behavior Of Consumers

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This chapter describes in detail the type of research method adopted, how the data was collected, purpose of data collection and how this data will be analyzed to derive conclusive results. In the end ethical issues have been discussed. The study aimed to understand the online purchase behavior of consumers in India. The factors leading to an increase in online shopping, current trends in the online retail market and to identify the demographic factors which influence the online purchase. The literature review highlighted and identified important factors which influence behavior and attitude of online consumers. These factors were considered and implemented while designing the questionnaire.
This research consists of both primary and secondary data. The secondary data was collected from various sources such as academic journal, e-books, corporate annual report and library sources related to the research topic, online purchase behavior of consumers. The primary data was collected by using the quantitative research method. This method involves usage of numbers and statistical techniques to measure and identify underlying patterns. Researcher’s personal involvement is required and the results obtained can be used by other studying the same field (King et al., 1994). Quantitative methods assume that behavioral patterns can be described with the help of objective facts and therefore holds a positivist position (Firestone, 1987). Factor analysis was used

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