Operational Planning, Strategic Planning And Control

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Operational Planning, Strategic Planning & Control The function of planning is integral to the success of any organization and is typically achieved through the development and communication of the organization’s mission statement, vision statement, and future goal setting. To set those goals a manager must understand present realities and future contingencies for their organization, while creating a vision of the organization’s future (Boateng, Karikari, & Akafo, 2015 p. 103). Per Satterlee (2013), “the mission statement is the crucial first step of establishing the future direction of the organization. The vision statement explains the goals of how to achieve the mission. Policies, procedures, and rules are written and implemented …show more content…

Additionally, it is imperative to formulate the strategy regarding exactly where the company is going with their products and services. This portion of the process is truly organizational specific according to their needs. Last, but not least, once all the planning has been completed, executives must oversee its implementation to successfully live up to the mission statement. Key components of successful implementation include clear, concise, and relevant communication, focus, and perseverance. One of the ways to ensure effective implementation is ongoing evaluation.
Operational Planning After strategic planning, has taken place and filtered down through the management team, operational planning takes place to execute the mission. Strategic planning provides the vision for where the organization is heading; however, operational planning is where the intricate details establishing mission completion is completed. Per Satterlee (2013) “the operational level, an integral part of the planning process consists of specific details – to whom, what, when, and how – and includes functional areas within the organization, such as marketing, finance, and distribution” (p.69). During the operational planning phase, each section within the organization is provided with their responsibilities for task completion. Managers conducting operational planning must factor in issues such as budgetary concerns, policy and procedures, and team

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