Organization Structure of Yashoda Hospital

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A REPORT ON THE ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE OF YASHODA HOSPITALS Abstract: This report on the administration of Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad is based on primary data which was collected by visiting the various departments and specialties in the hospital. The report describes the functioning of the hospital and the various organizational levels involved. It also talks about the different departments and how they function. This report can act as a window to the students of BITS regarding the working of the hospital. It can also be useful for students to learn how an organization functions. The recommendations given at the end of the report can be used to improve certain facilities made available at the hospital. Table of Contents…show more content…
The website of the hospital helped us in gathering useful data about the history of the hospital. We familiarized ourselves with the various specialties and modern equipment available here through this website. The report then concludes with the various observations related to the analysis of our study. We have made efforts to explore the various aspects of the administration, services, facilities and equipment available at Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad. We have jotted down the overview of our orientation program which helped us choose our area of interest for the project to be submitted at the end of our learning tenure at the hospital. The report with its conclusions will help us dissect the fundamentals of administration at the hospital. We have used the data to make useful recommendations for upgrading the working of the various departments of the hospital. We have also made an effort to suggest improvement in the existing administrative conditions. Organized and reasonable recommendations are suggested at the end of this report. Yashoda as an organization Yashoda Hospitals is a full fledged corporate organization in its structure. The hierarchy of the organization is headed by the Management – Dr. G Surender Rao, Dr. G Ravinder Rao and Dr. G Devender Rao. The Board of Directors is directly under the management and is the body in charge of the running of the hospital. The Medical Superintendent or Chief Medical Administrator

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