Organizational Behavior Is Complicated And Each Individual

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Di Nan
ORGB 300
Instructor: Professor Mawritz
Diagnose Paper

Organizational behavior is complicated and each individual has its own way, which would affect the whole organization. One of the greatest challenges of an organization is to effectively matching the employees and the tasks based on their variety behaviors. However, there are many organizational problems that will decrease the effectiveness, it is hard to create a conflict free team, managers are necessary to understand the differences between individual behaviors, then use it appropriately to solve common organizational problems. When it comes to organizational problems, I always want to talk about the importance of good communication within a group. There are so many opportunities for poor communications happen in a workplace that you can’t even realize them. Finding these hindrances is the first thing we need to do in order to improve the workplace and solve organizational problems. During my second intern job, I was working as an assistant accountant. It was the first time that I realized that how important communication is. There were total three interns in our finance department, Jenna, Tan and I. Jenna and I were already friends and we knew each other for almost two years, and Tan was new to us. All of us were supervised by the same director, Angela. We were assigned in one group on the first day and Angela gave us the first group project on the second day we met each
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