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Pachara (Jeen) Snidvongs Na Ayudhaya
Team B (Disney)
Organisational Behaviour
New York University
May 1st 2015

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INTRO NEEDED Team B, also known as the Imagineers, was a group of add-ons and extra members of sorts. When originally formed, it only had four members who happened to be sitting in proximity to each other. I was given the choice to join an all girls team or to join Team B and I choose to join the latter. Our last addition to the group was someone who entered the class late a few weeks after everyone and thus we adopted him into our team. We originally struggled to choose a company that would have substantial information available on its organisational principles yet at the same time was exciting and innovative. After the other groups had chosen old standbys (Google and Facebook), we took our time to find a company that we were genuinely interested in, ultimately we choose The Walt Disney Company (Disney). Disney fulfilled our criteria, it was an established company that had been around for a while and there was a lot of publically available information, it was new and innovative throughout its history and most importantly, as one of the world’s largest media conglomerate it has multiple facets of the business that we could explore to find interesting insight about its organisational culture.
Diversity is generally defined as “acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing, and
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