Outfoxed Reflective Essay

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The most important thing I learned in Module 2, English 102 is how to strongly evaluate sources before making a decision on which ones to use. Some sources could have hidden agendas and may be trying to sway your opinion on certain topics. Some could be more popular sources as opposed to academic. The movie “Outfoxed” was a true eye opener. Although I’ve always known Fox news to have a more Conservative slant, the movie shows just how outrageously far they will go to sway opinions. I was hesitant to believe that the hype was as bad as it was until it came to the interviews with former Fox News employees. Their jobs as reporters were reduced to churning positive Conservative spin, and very negative Liberal spin. To think that they thought it “fair and balanced”, which is how they describe themselves, to send a memo out each morning dictating the slant for each story. It was very enlightening, and to hear that all the stations have developed similar strategies, was disheartening. For the majority of Americans, these stations are their only research into political subjects. Several are watching political …show more content…

I am including an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs and a conclusion. I carefully evaluate my resources, as I research the points to consider, and I am also considering my audience. I review my papers for spelling, grammar and citations. I have studied the MLA citing and formatting guidelines. My recent essays have included actual quotes in the essays, some direct and some indirect, and I’ve also used other sources aside from the web further practicing the MLA guidelines. I have a formula that I follow that I mentioned (6 quick steps) in my last reflective essay and it keeps me on track. I will practice these steps with each essay and I do feel that this knowledge and this process will be a great help in future

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