Outline Of An Effective Marketing Plan Essay

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Executive summary

The aim of this report is to propose an effective marketing plan to be presented to the financial investors who have agreed to invest capital in cosmetic business. A proposed plan is required which work as a layout to start any business. This report is made after analyzing the target market and the trends that may affect the growth of the business. Cosmetic industry is already an established industry and there are many companies already in the market which offer quality products and therefore; an effective plan and its implementation is detailed in this project report.

The company starts its operations with a vision to offer good quality beauty care products to meet the demands of customers which belong to different categories. The company will open its first store in Christchurch as it is the third most populous city of the country. The name of the company will be “Nature’s Gift”. For an effective marketing plan, a SWOT Analysis is done to help the company in understanding the market. Along with it, 4Ps of marketing are also discussed in this plan to have a better understanding of the cosmetic market in the country. Customers need to be educated regarding the products that are being offered by the company and why they are better than other similar products in the market therefore; the company will organize seminars across the city and distribute free samples to the customers. All the products will be made using natural processes and no harmful

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