Pediatric Operative Administration Of Antibiotics For Surgical Patients

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Timely administration and optimal prophylaxis of preoperative antibiotics will help to ensure that the antimicrobial concentrations are adequate to significantly reduce the incidence of surgical site infection (Bratzler & Houck, 2005). Compliance and communication efforts were evaluated with quality indicators pertaining to prophylactic preoperative antibiotic administration within an 800 bed Magnet hospital in NE Ohio. The local NE Ohio non-profit hospital employs over 5,000 employees and is the largest hospital in the County. The existing policy was assessed as well as the impact of a change proposal to the policy. Topic
The topic for this author’s Capstone Project is Increasing Compliance of Preoperative Prophylactic Antibiotic Administration. The topic focuses on a proposed evidence-based practice change in order to improve compliance for administering the preoperative PA within the time parameters designated in the hospital policy (NE Ohio hospital, 2014).
Pre-operative administration of antibiotics for surgical patients continues to be an area of concern within the operative setting. The “Surgical Infection Prevention (SIP) measures were added as a core measure set in the fall of 2003” (Joint Commission, 2014, p. 1). The Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) consists of multiple organizations working collaboratively helping to improve surgical care by significantly reducing surgical complications (Joint Commission, 2014). The SCIP policy

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