Perfectionism As A Multidimensional Personality Disposition Essay

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Trait Definition To be perfect is impossible. But the ability to achieve the impossible is the temptress. Perfectionism has been described as a multidimensional personality disposition. Indicating that the multiple dimensions can show either different or opposite correlations with maladaptive or adaptive psychological processes (Stoeber, Corr, Smith, & Saklofske, 2016). It is a personality disposition that can be characterized by a striving for flawlessness and setting exceedingly high standards for oneself. These standards can pertain to performances that are subsequently accompanied by self-critical evaluations and the perception that others expect one to be perfect (Stoeber, 2016; Stoeber, Edbrooke-Childs, & Damian, 2016). Perfectionism is a disposition that pervades all areas of life including but not limited to work, school, personal appearance, and social relationships (Stoeber, Edbrooke-Childs, & Damian, 2016). Some define perfectionism into two categories, perfectionistic strivings, and perfectionistic concerns. Perfectionistic strivings reflect perfectionistic personal standards and a self-oriented strive for perfection. Perfectionistic concerns on the other hand, reflect concerns over mistakes, fear of judgment from others, and doubt about actions (Stoeber, 2016). Clinical psychologists regard perfectionism as a “personality disposition associated with psychopathology and mental health problems” (Stoeber, 2016). With that being said, perfectionism is defined as

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