Mgmt 591 - Life Styles Inventory Assignment

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Life Styles Inventory Assignment
Traya Ransom MGMT591 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Brett Gordon
November 11, 2012

This paper discusses the content Life Styles Inventory (LSI) results for Traya Ransom. It identifies her primary, backup, and limiting thinking styles, the impact her personal styles have on her management style, and it also explains how she developed the personal styles that were reveled in her LSI. The LSI results are shown on page 5.
Primary, Backup and Limiting Styles
Traya’s primary style is Achievement, with a percentile score of 99. This thinking style describes a person who has confidence in their ability to improve situations and is not afraid to take action. They are able
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Perfectionistic is Traya’s limiting style. The percentile score received for this style was 63. This style can cause stress because the perfectionist tends to feel as if they have to be more than they are. They also feel as though they have to prove themselves on a consistent basis. Perfectionists seldom have a true sense of accomplishment, because they feel that the end product of whatever task they are working on is never good enough. They also are startle themselves with how irritable and angry they can get. This style is a hindrance to Traya’s work atmosphere because she becomes easily irritated and can irritate others. If Traya could change one of the behaviors associated with being a perfectionist, it would be the tendency to become easily irritated. If this could be eliminated, this would help created a more pleasant atmosphere.
Impact Personal Styles Have on Management Style
Traya is an effective manager in terms of the four functions of management, which include; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. As an achiever she has the ability to effectively plan and problem solve as a manager. This also helps her to organize mass amounts of information. By having the Self-Actualizing style, she is an effective leader because of her confidence and high acceptance of self. Although the Perfectionist style can be view as negative, it also has a positive affect on her control of the employees and the organization.
Explanation of Developed of
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