Personal Decision For Purchase A New City Car

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This report is prepared in response to a need which arose from the personal decision to purchase a new city car. In the following pages it will be attempted to answer burning questions regarding the decision making in the presence of multiple and conflicting criteria. By the use of appropriate techniques it will be illustrated the whole process of decision analysis taking into consideration decision maker’s belief and
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This report analyses the whole process which is followed in order to make a personal decision related with the buy a hatchback for city driving: from the identification and structuring of the problem to the appraisal of the alternative solution (French et all, 2009,pp 81).
As it happens in any imminent decision regarding a purchase, an assiduous market research is required. The brochures of the major automobile companies and the car web sites constitute the main information source which will be used for the designation of the criteria and the elicitation of their values. Due to the fact that the criteria which are taken into consideration are more than two, Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis(MCDA) will be applied. The MCDA is supported by the use of the IDS software. The data and its calculation as well as any output of IDS tool, are presented explicitly in the respective appendices.

2. Methodology

As it is referred above, the objective of this problem is to take a decision concerning the purchase of a new city car. For this reason, the article ‘Best city cars’ from the website (2014) is very helpful as it provides the best ten city cars among which the final decision will be made. All these city cars (alternatives) are available in different versions. Due to the limited budget (9000pounds) the decision making is focused on the economical model, widely well-known as S trim level. In this selection problem the car
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