Personal Statement: Ms. Attias

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Many things have inspired me throughout my life. But when asked who inspired me the most, how can I narrow down to one pivotal person who made a difference more than others? My 6th grade science teacher, seas teacher, and advisor Ms. Attias, she stands out as someone. She made my middle school experience a special one. In this essay I will explain why she inspires me.

Ms. Attias is funny like a clown and smart like a calculator. She has long dark brown and light blond highlighted hair, and is light skinned. The first day I came to Paul Cuffee Middle school I was shy and didn’t like to participate in verbal activities. But she cracked my shell and helped me be a better and open student. Before u knew it I was participating
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Would you still smile if you were mad or tired? I know for sure I would be cranky and sleepy. But no, she is not that of person she cares about people’s feeling while she cares her about hers. Ms. Attias makes sures she not doing something to someone they didn’t like. She corrects herself when she is wrong and off task. Wouldn’t you want to be like that? That is why she inspires me.

That last way she inspires me is because she makes me wanna become a teacher some day when I grow up. Ms. Attias is always engaged in her teaching and leadership. Students may get on her nerves but she just ignores the fact they are annoying, tells them to take a break, or sends them to a buddy classroom. She might tell you to go to a buddy, or take a break but she just does it to help us refocus. I know that someday I am going to work hard, be engaged in what I do, and love what I do. Ms. Attias is just a generous, happy and caring person. That is why this great teacher inspires me.

To conclude, Ms. Attias is just a great teacher. I hope that when I get a job I do great at it. It can be hard to find just one person who inspires you the most. When I was pick this person and picking the reasons I had to really dig deep. Doesn’t Ms. Attias make you wanna try harder and to not doubt yourself? I know she makes me wanna do
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