Personal Statement On Reducing Toxic Exposure

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In Phase 1 and 2, the client was given education materials and guidance for identifying and reducing toxic exposure. During Phase 3, the client is encouraged to continue to replace toxic items with natural versions. Replacing these products may take some time and can be costly, as such, the client is encouraged to continue to find replacements within their budget and means. These recommendations are to reduce the toxic load of the individual. • Replace personal care products and cleaning products to reduce chemical on the skin and in the home. Visit as a reference and to look up what toxins may be in these products. • Avoid plastic water bottles or food containers and replace with either glass or stainless 
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walking, light strength training) 3-4 times per week would be a great goal. Exercise allows elimination channels to open, flushes out toxins, as well as increases oxygen metabolism allowing enzyme production and detoxification (Crohn & Taylor, pg 406). When we engage in exercise, it increases energy.
Sleep is also important for stress management and rejuvenation. To ensure a full nights sleep, creating a schedule indicating a bed-time and allowing enough time to prepare for sleep is important. Avoid screens for at least 1 hour before bed will help the body prepare for sleep. Appropriate supplementation may be necessary.

Strategies for Long-term Change
Create SMART Goals: To achieve a goal, one must set the goal in a way it is achievable to the individual. When the goal is too vague or open, it is difficult to complete. SMART goal setting creates a path that one can achieve. • Specific: Identifying what, why, and how, allows there to be focus and clearly defines the goal allowing one to make specific stride to complete said goal. • Measurable: Goals need to be measurable, otherwise it can be unmanageable. Create criteria within the goal that can be measured to show completion. • Attainable: Goals set too far out of reach, will never be completed. Goals should stretch you some but not be too far out of reach for your ability to complete during that time in your life. When goals are unattainable, there is no reward and you will become

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