Persuasive Essay About Uniforms

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Many different types of uniforms are currently being worn today, but the people wearing them will either hold them with an honorific or stigmatic connotation. This paints a very black and white picture, but it would be hard to find someone who would consider their uniform as both an honor and a mark of disgrace. This is a result of some uniforms being a punishment or being forced to wear, while others are earned through very hard work and dedication. Almost everyone has worn a uniform that they were proud of wearing and a uniform that they were less than enthusiastic about; however most people would agree that they distinctly remember a specific uniform they feel strongly about, whether or not it was an honorific or stigmatic one. Throughout my life I have worn many different uniforms as well, but for whatever reason the ones I have disliked always stick out to me the most. My least favorite off them all was my Sears uniform, it held so many negative thoughts in my head, it was hard to picture. The simple thought of putting it on could ruin my entire day. There were many experiences behind this, but here are a few reasons my Sears uniform was a stigmatic one.

My Sears uniform represented everything I had hated about the store in the first place. The uniform was an old blue collared shirt with a cheaply made pair of khaki pants, all put together with black sneakers. These boring and bland articles of clothing were a constant reminder of the dying store I was working away

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