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The play space is not school, and whilst learning may be an important playwork priority, what is even more important is how the child learns and whether s/he retains control over prioritising what is learnt. Play is a process of trial and error in which the error is as valuable to learning as is the success. Within playwork we generally define play as behaviour which is 'freely chosen', 'personally directed' and 'intrinsically motivated' (Hughes, 1984). The definition is seen as having authenticity by playworkers because it recognises not only the child-centredness of play, but its experimental nature (Eibl-Eibesfeldt, 1967, 1970). (Hughes, 2001, p. 97) Playwork, as defined in Bonel and Lindon (1996) as 'managing the play environment and…show more content…
Consequently, care should be exercised in generalizing conclusions from studies on one playground to other playgrounds. ("The Developmental Benefits of Playgrounds," 2004) Making Sure Kids Have Opportunities to Play; in Association with Publicjobswales.Co.UK. Byline: By MICHELLE RUSHTON EVERY child in the UK has the right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of activities, under article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. To support this right to play, jobs and career opportunities are flourishing in the playwork sector. What is playwork? Play is recognised as crucial to a child's happiness and healthy development. Playwork is an emerging professional field with an an increasingly recognised and qualified workforce. It is the work of creating and maintaining spaces for children to play. Working in playwork means understanding and meeting the play needs of children and young people of different abilities, ethnic background and circumstances, usually but not exclusively between four and 16 years of age. Do I need to take a qualification? There are training opportunities at all levels of playwork for peoplewhowant to develop their skills and help empower children to play freely and take part in activities that are challenging, stimulating and also great fun! Higher education institutions are also realising the need for quality degree courses to up-skill playwork

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