Problem Solving Case Study: Issues Requiring Mr. Smith's Personal Attention

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Problem Solving Issues that require Mr. Smith's personal attention Mr. Smith is the general manager of the hospital and his staff vie him as an exasperating boss. He had been away for four weeks on a management course in London but he still tried to keep in touch with the hospital during this time. Whenever he is away from the office people come to look for him with various issued that call for his attention There are incidences that required his personal attention while others do not the incidences that require his personal attention are for instance the second incident whereby Mr. George did not have any idea on what Mr. George was saying. This means that it was only Mr. Smith who was in a position to deal with this since he was the one who knew what Mr. George required. The other incident that requires Mr. Smith's attention is the fourth incidence where his secretary mentions several issues that only Mr. Smith has the ability to respond on personally. This includes giving details of accident outpatients to Regional board, look at applications for physiotherapy job interviewing of secretaries, medical secretary correspondence and giving minutes of an advisory committee. Management responsibilities that Mr. Smith is not dealing with There are various responsibilities that come with the position of a manager. In this case however Mr. Smith is seen to be neglecting some of the duties that he should be performing as a holder of the position of General Manager of the

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