Promotional Strategy And Effective Marketing Communication

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Promotional Strategy
Chapter 12 in our textbook talks about promotional strategy and effective marketing communication. It defines certain fundamentals that make up the promotion mix. These basics include direct and interactive marketing, advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling. The promotional strategy used depends on the marketplace. Sometimes it is necessary to use more than one media method within a given campaign. (Marshall/Johnston, 2015)
Traditional promotion is becoming more and more distant. Communicating with customers and the target audience has now reached new more modern heights. Now there are electronic marketing channels, cultured research, data bases that manage your customer base and more …show more content…

Direct Marketing – A direct Marketing example would be ads that pop up while surfing the web, and the coupons inside a Fred’s sales ad that comes to my mailbox occasionally.
Interactive Marketing – I recently inquired about the McDonald’s app through the company’s website. This was because of a promotion I saw where you can buy 5 McCafe drinks and get 1 free.
The steps in chapter 12’s Hierarchy of Effects AIDA model include: Attention or Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.
Attention - This is the stage where buyer decisions are made. Communication at this level should be all about raising awareness and capturing the attention of the target audience. This level can be unnerving if the brand is relatively new, or unknown. Promotion is very important at this level and advertising managers may use major promotional methods to reach potential customers.
McDonald’s reaches target customers through social media platforms such as Twitter by communicating and responding to customer feedback and concerns and questions. This is sure to attract this customer’s Attention. (Morrison, 2015)
Interest - This level requires persuasive techniques to convince potential customers into purchasing the product or service offered. Promoting a new product or service based on what it can do for you and change your world is what the advertising managers would focus on here.
McDonald’s capitalizes on the fact that most children love animation. So, they

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