Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Should schools make students wear uniforms? In the state of California, schools are deciding whether or not wearing uniforms is the best thing for students. For the city of Adelanto, these could be reasons to consider starting wearing uniforms at the schools. For the school, Columbia Middle School, wearing uniforms this could be a very controversial topic among student that go to the school. Many students should consider the many pros and cons of wearing uniforms at their schools before forming an opinion on the uniforms. Many pros of wearing student uniforms may include things such as they make the schools way more safer, they can be a great time saver in the morning, and lastly they can save a lot of money. Some ways uniforms can make a school more safer is by you wearing your uniform, the school will know who goes and doesn’t go to the school. Another way uniforms can be safer to schools is by, sense everyone is wearing the same thing no one can really make fun of each other, by people not making fun of each other that itself can stop school fighting and the amount of stuff that gets stolen because some things might be a lot of money, that's stuff another kid might want for themselves. Some ways uniforms can be a Time saver is by, you know what to wear the next day. According to a Twelve year old she says “i don't have to worry about what to wear in the in the morning.” You just have the clothes ready and out for the next day. Another way they are faster is by you are

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