Pros And Cons Of Violent Computer Games

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Violent Computer Games: Boon or Bane?

Introduction: Many people believe that violent computer games should be banned because they have numerous negative effects on the gamers which are usually teenagers and children. Some researches say that people imply the violence seen on games into reality thus clearly stating that computer games influence human behaviours. The disadvantages of violent computer games bring about negative effects to the gamers.

Thesis: Violent computer games have been causing aggression, naughtiness, assaultiveness and defiance in teenagers and in children as well.

Paragraph II. Aggression are angry or violent behavior or feelings against another person, country, and etc. It is a forceful action or unprovoked attack. Usually violent computer games exhibit actions that are inappropriate and injurious thus creating a destructive environment for the gamers. It causes the aggression levels to increase that leads to long term mental and psychological effects to people if these computer games won't be stopped. APA report:
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Computer games are addictive, some people may even choose to continue playing than use the time for rest, study or sleep. Teenagers and children even usually trick their parents in order for them to play computer games. When one is addicted to something, he or she can no longer value obedience especially if the parents are against the habit.”The current study examines the influence of violent video game exposure on delinquency and bullying behavior in 1,254 seventh- and eighth-grade students variables such as parental involvement, trait aggression, stress, participation in extracurricular activities, and family/peer support were also considered results indicated that delinquent and bullying behavior were predicted by the child’s trait aggression and stress level” ( ”Crime & Delinquency”). Teenagers and kids tend to become more naughty once they are introduced to computer games that display

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