Proteins And Functions Of Proteins Essay

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Proteins are primarily considered to have one primary function to serve its role in an organism, however studies have observed to have multiple functioning proteins known as moonlighting proteins (Khan et al. 2014). Moonlighting proteins along with primary functions, have secondary functions that are not related to the primary function and does not correlate to the primary or other functions (Khan et al. 2014). The multifunctional proteins play essential roles in carrying out biochemical functions which aids in the cell growth but are not caused by gene fusion and multiple RNA splice variants (Amblee et al. 2015). The discovery of moonlighting proteins was first discovered by Piatigorsky and Wistow while observing crystallins (Khan et al. 2014). Crystallins, are structural proteins that are found in the eye lens that exhibit enzymatic activity to make the lens itself (Khan et al. 2014). Crystallin has a primary function to help form the lens of the eye by acting as a structural protein (Amblee et al. 2015). Besides enzymatic activity, crystallin was observed in other mammals to have secondary functions such as metabolic functions which are helpful in prokaryotic (Khan et al 2014). Most moonlighting proteins are characterized as cytosolic enzymes and chaperons, or in other words helping proteins (Amblee et al 2015). The multifunctional proteins or moonlighting proteins can also be identified as receptors, channel proteins and ribosomal proteins (Khan et al. 2014). Due to the

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