Puma Clever Little Bag : A Firm Led By Yves Behar- Yves Behar

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Client- Puma Project- Puma clever little bag Designer- Fuse project, a firm led by Yves Béhar– YVES BEHAR Introduction Puma is a Germany-based company that is famous for sophisticated sportswear in the world. The leaping puma logo depicts the dashing corporate image of the company. The logo is the sign of courage, challenge and stability. The power and energy is reflected in all the products of puma. It showcases the reliability and its reputation. The black color used in the puma logo is the depiction of company’s supremacy and self-belief. It evokes the confidence in the heart of the athletes in the world. The bold font in the puma logo depicts the company’s stability and dominance. Though the brand is very well established in the market they feel the pressure to make it appear more desirable to its demographic [target audience]. Popular strategy of doing this is by showing a caring approach to conserve the world and its environment. Puma took forward this strategy and started re designing its packaging instead of pumping money towards green environment project. The problem Boxes are everywhere. They are a problem sometimes. Shoe boxes contribute to a major percentage of waste annually and even proposed second uses, they are thrown away. Puma does not like waste. So they started looking for ways to change the box packaging. The challenge was to change the design and strategy of the packaging all over towards cleaner and greener environment. The aim of the project was to
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