Puma Clever Little Bag : A Firm Led By Yves Behar- Yves Behar

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Client- Puma
Project- Puma clever little bag
Designer- Fuse project, a firm led by Yves Béhar– YVES BEHAR

Puma is a Germany-based company that is famous for sophisticated sportswear in the world. The leaping puma logo depicts the dashing corporate image of the company. The logo is the sign of courage, challenge and stability. The power and energy is reflected in all the products of puma. It showcases the reliability and its reputation. The black color used in the puma logo is the depiction of company’s supremacy and self-belief. It evokes the confidence in the heart of the athletes in the world. The bold font in the puma logo depicts the company’s stability and dominance. Though the brand is very well established in the …show more content…

Along with these aims they wanted to show their commitment towards environment.

The insight
The previous puma box was already sustainable however it was still a box, which created large amount of waste. The packaging was not only aimed at the end product but also its process. It was important to examine the new system and its effects on the stakeholders from start to end. Through the examinations a new innovative was created – abandoning the shoebox and thinking outside the box.
The things to be considered were the design had to be functional, protective; it should work on existing shelves and displays. It should not require a new process. The cost could be the same or less but not more.

The research
Puma underwent a life cycle analysis to figure out what was working and what were the problems with the packaging. It was important to identify the problems and improve the experience of the customer.
The design team travelled to the manufacturing, distribution and retail centers all over the world to see the way the previous packaging process of production, transport, and storage takes place.
Research was done on material, which was flexible and sustainable. This was done in partnership with Material ConneXion. They discovered new material with less environment harm.

The development- Smart and Simple solution
They had to reduce material and shipping cost. The design team thought for 21 months, over 2000 ideas

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