Qualitative Research : Quantitative Research

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Qualitative Research Design:
Qualitative research is a formative method of research that is preferred by many researchers as allows the researcher to use several techniques to gather information by seeking answers to research questions. Merriam (2005) stated, “Qualitative research is interested in how meaning is constructed, how people make sense of their lives and their worlds. The primary goal of a basic qualitative study is to uncover and interpret these meanings” (p. 24).Qualitative research has been proven to be a very effective way to address research. There are several methods used to gather information using a qualitative research approach. Qualitative research does not focus on numbers and experiments as compared to other research methods. According to William (2005, p.85) qualitative data collection methods emerged after it has become known that traditional quantitative data collection methods were unable to express human feelings and emotions. More as it allows a researcher to explore ones perceptions, and feelings on a topic. Qualitative is a very effective way to conduct research to gather rich in-depth data. Creswell (2007) claimed that qualitative research is an opportunity to develop an understanding of the experiences from the perspective of the individuals or group being studied through a particular theoretical lens. There are several methodologies associated with qualitative research; including, case studies, phenomenology, and several others.
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