Quantitative And Qualitative And Quantitative Data

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Qualitative and Quantitative The manager needs qualitative and quantitative data to help with different jobs in the business. Qualitative data helps with the cashiers and counter staff’s jobs while quantitative data helps the manager with ordering new products and perishable food from the wholesale. The two types of data that helps a manager to make decisions within his business are called qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative and quantitative data can come from internal and external sources within the business. Qualitative data involves the quality of the products and sever at the sandwich bar. Qualitative data is harder to analyse and can be less reliable as the information comes from observations, surveys, and focus groups.…show more content…
This spreadsheet can help the cashier to choose the correct price and amount of products, then giving the customer their receipt of their order which is classed as a primary source as the information and data comes from the customer. The spreadsheet also help the manager to decide what ingredients and non-perishable food needs to be ordered from the wholesale. The spreadsheet shows the quantity of what items have been sold and the quantity left helping the manager to decide what needs to be ordered. Qualitative data is also produced from feedback from the customers, classed as a primary source, which is produced from questionnaires that could be handed out to customers about the sandwich bar or menus. This help the manager decide what to make changes to in the menu or sandwich bar by analysing their surveys and questionnaires to make a judgement of what changes need to be made and what factors work well in the business. The human resources department also create the staff shifts from qualitative data of knowing how busy the sandwich bar will be to figure out how many staff will be needed and their working hours. The human resources department also ensure that the sandwich plus staff have attended training which is monitored through qualitative data kept on what courses each member of staff has attended and update the system when their training has been updated. As this data comes from staff who attend the
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