Quantitative And Qualitative And Quantitative Data

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Qualitative and Quantitative
The manager needs qualitative and quantitative data to help with different jobs in the business. Qualitative data helps with the cashiers and counter staff’s jobs while quantitative data helps the manager with ordering new products and perishable food from the wholesale. The two types of data that helps a manager to make decisions within his business are called qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative and quantitative data can come from internal and external sources within the business. Qualitative data involves the quality of the products and sever at the sandwich bar. Qualitative data is harder to analyse and can be less reliable as the information comes from observations, surveys, and focus groups. Quantitative data involves the numbers and numerical data including cost, speed and time. Quantitative data can be easier to analyse as the data comes from the use of numbers and can be found from spreadsheets, calculations and averages. The sandwich bar manager uses this qualitative and quantitative data to help monitor and keep up to date with the most recent data.
Internal qualitative data that is in the sandwich bar is found in functions including the eat-in, take-away and ordering or delivery service. This is shown in appendix 1. The manager can make decisions based on the spreadsheet created from the customers’ orders that are purchased at the till. The manager has to make decisions on how much food and products to order by relying on…
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