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1. Attachment theory is meant to describe and explain people’s enduring patterns of relationships across the lifespan. Mary Ainsworth is a prominent researcher who advanced the theory of attachment. Parenting style, on the other hand, is the reciprocal, enduring tie between infant and caregiver, each of whom contributes to the quality of the relationship. Discuss your attachment style as a child and your mother and/or father’s parenting style. How do your attachment style and the parenting style affect your present relationships? (1000 words) 2. The theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner expanded the definition of intelligence. (a) Describe the benefits of this theory in everyday life (for example, in school setting). (b) Assess the type of …show more content…

According to Bowlby, children who face abusive relationship, or have an insecure or unreliable caregivers end up in the later stage having a disturbed parenting style and skills.
John Bowlby attachment theory
His theory explains the importance of various forms of attachments that children adopt for their survival. The main concepts involved in John Bowlby’s attachment theory are as follows:
1. Child by nature gets attached to the caregivers; their relationship with their mother is different from other relationship.
2. At least for the first two years of growth the child should receive continuous care and concern form the attachment figure.

3. Deprivation of affection and concern from the attachment figure will lead the child to depression, delinquency and other psychological issues in the later stages of life.

Hence in the year 1969 John Bowlby designed an internal working model, which gives the relationship of individual with the world, self and others.

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