Questions On Opportunities And Threats

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SWOT- Opportunities & Threats Yelp as an online review engine has popularized among the US, Europe and several countries in Asia. It allows small business owners to enter their business information and advertise on its website, also let the customer browse and post the review for those small businesses. Through this SWOT analysis, we can have a clear understanding of Yelp 's internal strength and weakness as well as the external opportunity and threat. Also, it will help to analyze what contribute to the success of Yelp and what can be improved to adjust this changing market. Lots of factors can be the opportunity for Yelp. First, with the development of the technology and the convenience of accessing the Internet, people rely on the Internet more than ever. Therefore, lots of businesses are looking for a chance to expand and promote their business through the Internet. In this certain time, it is a significant opportunity for Yelp to expand its market. Second, Yelp has already become a major ranking website in the American. So, daily will have plenty of users to browse the website. This will help Yelp in charming more operations to post the advertisement on Yelp. At the same time, Yelp is still facing some threats from outside such as substitutes, lawsuit, and other new-type business. First of all, Yelp is facing a high competitive pressure from its substitutes. Based on Yelp’s revenue model, the largest part of the revenue is coming from selling advertisements.
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