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dentify and analyze all of the participant and premise risks using DIM process.
The participants-- SRM University coaches and players: they are volunteers need to sign waivers
The teams participating: 15 players each and 4 coaches.
Players ranging from 14 to 18 need consent from their parents. As they considered as minor Player and sign agreement to participate in tournament
(2) Develop a Risk Management Plan (OUTLINE FORM). Use current case law to support your plan, policies, and procedures
Risk elimination - BCC Company is hosting the Soccer tournament outside so player safety is a must. The event has taken place in June so, Heat injury or another injury could happen. To eliminate that, Hydrate Player well for the Tournament.
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Volunteers- Invitee, the duty of care. Staff- Participants, trustees, the duty of care. Vendors- Participants, the duty of obedience. Spectators- Invitee, the duty of obedience.
(4) Prepare a waiver for the participants. Attached separately.
Sharp, L., Moorman, A., &Claussen, C. (2010). Sports law, a managerial approach. Scottsdale, AZ: Holcomb Hathaway.ISBN: 978-1934432006
Risk management program for local sports organization, Retrievfrom

Identity (1-4) May be done in executive summary format
Plaintiff- Melissa Jennings
Defendant (provide the theory of liability and defenses for the defendant(s).
University of North Carolina - Coach Anson Dorrance
Title VII protects employees from employer retaliation for the employee's efforts to obtain justice under the statute. When a supervisor is guilty of harassing an employee, the supervisor's employer may be held strictly liable, if the employer knew or should have known the harassment was occurring and an

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